Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sup! Guys

Hi! World,
Today, Mom didn't cook me lunch, so i had to eat in our canteen.
This week was pretty funny!! Things happened in my college.. can't say all of them here. :D.
I am the class representative now, for all the first year students in pharmacy in my college. I'm sort of enjoying my job :D.
Today in our practical library we prepared 2,4,6 tribromo aniline. Its a risky experiment as it involves, bromine water, glacial acetic acid etc.

Presently, i'm completing my Inorganic record! and chatting in orkut of course!
Bye, will write another one 2mrw if time permits!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Reinstalled xp

Today, i don't know what happened, but my pc crashed and not starting. So i had to reinstall xp:) and of course formatted my pc. So, most of the installed applications are lost. And now i'm really busy downloading all the programs like winamp anti virus. Etc.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Freshers party, Orkut on mobile again

I'm enjoying my college life, as usual. Today morning, i was just experimenting with internet on mobile and found orkut is working again. So i recreated orkut account. And started adding friends. 31 dec, there was freshers party in our college. I participated in mr. Fresher compitation. But for some reasons i lost. But i'm proud i participated and in the top 5. I enjoyed a lot on that day. There were dj and all. Well i'll update later with more news. Bye for now.