Friday, January 1, 2010

In 2009...

2009 was THE year of emotions for me... And a very fast one too...
Jan 2009... Very nice one.. Had mammaya and all at the place.. So enjoyed a lott..
Feb 2009...Was a very spiritual month.. :-)) all influence of mammaya.. :-)
Mar 2009... Documentary on Hyderabad city.. we even got first prize for it..
Apr 2009... Exams Exams Exams..
May 2009.. Met Shiny..on 22nd
June 2009.. Learnt SAS in Ameerpet.
July 2009.. Back to college
Aug Sep Oct Nov 2009... Full booring days.. Lott of people changed in a lott of ways..
Dec 2009.. was a better month.. Comparitively....

Movies of the year: 3 Idiots, Magadheera.. My favorite..
Cell phones of the year: Samsung Corby, iPhone, Nokia N97 mini.
Bike of the year.. May be I'll give it to FZ-S