Saturday, May 16, 2009

1 square is???????

I'm learning new concepts these days. LOL

How much is 1 square???

Most of us would say 1.

But I recently discovered... it can be anything..

1 square can be 2
1 square can be 7
1 square can be 100 or 10000 or anything.

Damn GOD... I'm gone Crazy..
Who ever is reading this.. Please don't go crazy... LOL..

SAS is fun!! I love it...

Hei guys.
Its vacation time... Hmmm... may be not.. may be yes.
coz i'm doing a crash course on SAS and CDMS.

SAS is a brilliant software... it is used in many industries for creating and managing data files and dbms systems.

Today was the second class. Mr. Manikanta is teaching us. Should say he's teaching to the perfection. He's too good. I hope all lecturers are like that. He keeps up contact with every damn person in the class. I mean not concentrating on last bench or first bench.

I hope this would help me a lot in my career..