Saturday, January 31, 2009

Learning to meditate

Hello reader!
Recently im very influenced by the meditation thing.
I've been buying a lot of books, things related to meditation. Beleive it or not meditation is a great way to releive stress and any other simple illness like head aches and stuff.

If anyone of get a chance to experience any type of meditation... please don't even try to miss it. Trust me it works

You can even buy a CD there which helps you in meditation and explains different meditation techniques.

Friday, January 30, 2009

My life..

Hello everyone!
My lifez running real smooth.
Im doing my II year 2nd Sem now. The interesting subjects just started in the college. 
Started to develop some interest in some new subjects like dispensing and Pharmacognosy.
hmmm... I dont know, may be i would like to my masters in pharmacology or medicinal chemistry. Both are really interesting and puts some things on the mind, rather than just sitting in front of the computers just creating programs and stuff... Ufff... really boring stuff :o

Recently in last week i also skid off my bike.. but luckily nothing happened to me and the bike. Just a few superficial abrasions. And the skin infection i had has been reduced a lot, but not the nail infection... still under treatment.