Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Final exams are coming nearer and nearer.

Hi people.

How you doing... I'm tho fulto cool. 
Me trying to study full-on, all these days... But still didn't actually got into the subject. :D
Have to be serious LOL.

Hope you people are doing good.

And you know.. I'm getting very wierd dreams these days... Wierd bole tho scary nahin. Just wierd.. I'm not able to understand. I got an idea to make a blog about my dreams... I'll create it soon. Let these exams finish..

And on this 19th i watched Fast and Furious. Seriously not good movie when compared to previous versions of the movie. Very serious. very boring. Didn't liked it much...

Ok guys... Catch you later. Bye.! Keep Rocking!!

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