Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Boring Holidays!

Holidays are so boring... My college starts in September last week. Still 3 more months...
And these holidays get more boring everyday..
I planned to learn music, and car driving. I can't continue my music classes because, we are moving to another place, which is far away from here. Yeah, I finished my car lessons, and i can drive pretty well now, but I have to wait till I am 18 years old, for a drivers' license. No Problem, I can wait. :)

I have to make new plans for this 3 months, may be some vacation job, or something. I'll make some arrangement so that I won't get bored. I hate boring days..
Just finished my Dinner, Its 11 PM here. Now, i go to the terrace and enjoy the night Sky till 12.00 AM.

Bye for now, Have a nice day... Keep Rocking.! :D

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