Sunday, June 24, 2007

Gmail Vs Yahoo Mail.

First ..
Yahoo! Mail.

I think whatever yahoo does, it can't beat google in anyway :D
See, i signed up in both gmail and yahoo at the same time. But if you take a look at the pic, spam messages 519 in 3 days ??! and mail messages 148 (They are also like spam, almost)!
Yahoo Mail 2

I hate Yahoo Because...
  • It gives Lots and lots of spam
  • It has got animated flash ads
  • The load time is lot more than Gmail
  • I hate the user interface
  • No arrangement of messages into chat (as gmail does)
  • No Free Pop Access
The only thing positive is..
  • Unlimited Storage (But who cares!)

Gmail has got the most elegant email interface.. Really a great interface.

Things i love in Gmail.
  • Elegant interface (I love blue)
  • Fast and Accurate Search
  • Free POP Access
  • Arrangement of messages as chats..
  • Fastest loading (Avg.. 1 sec, [Sign in to Inbox])
  • No Ads, only related ads.. that too in text format
  • Labels instead of Folders
  • Starred items
  • Lovely contacts
  • Chat inside Gmail...
The list never ends

There is not a single thing, that i hate about Gmail.

Finally. Gmail Rocks, Yahoo Mail! Sucks. That's the conclusion


  1. I also like Gmail bcoz of the qualities u mentioned and yes the best of all is

    Gmail dont have flash adds so loading time is less

    Gmail have powerful (i think it is the most) spam filter

  2. I've used both Yahoo! and Gmail. But i've converted to BigString. Check it out.

    Here's some info if your interested:
    BigString (, the new free webmail program, offers revolutionary features. When you send mail from your BigString account, you are protected. BigString is like an automatic shredder for your email. You can self-destruct or change an email that's already been sent or read. Don't leave your messages sitting in peoples' inbox forever.