Thursday, February 12, 2009

An average day...

Hello reader...
Yesterday we celebrated my friends Bday... had some food and enjoyed for some time roaming around. Good one..
Talking about today...
an interesting thing happened today..
Environmental Sciences class was going on... And ma'am was asking a question. But I didn't put an ear to it. So. she asked me.. and i asked her "What's the question ma'am?" She said.."What Rohit!! Sitting in First bench... and don't know the question??? Dreaming about Feb 14 ah???" I was like amazed inside... but didn't show up... because that was what i was thinking of ;-)
I returned back home soon today.. at 3.. No class was held... so came back.
Today i felt very relaxed... no emotional tension.. no hurry... just a smooth day.. :)

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