Monday, February 23, 2009

Internet Problem...

Was having Internet trouble.. So Didn't post.

Feb 20

Was a very normal day... Same old teachers, same old boring faces.. etc etc.. Not so interesting day

Feb 21

I had an arguement with one of my friends.... and he walked away. And there is nothing faulty on my side.. other than this.. the day was quite normal.

Feb 22

Today, I went to Sai geetha ashram... and listened to the discourse of Sai Kumar Baba Garu. and then returned home. and slept for an hour. 
Me and my brother went to shopping in a branded showroom.. COUPON. 
The Stuff is not so good. But its Okie... After 3 hours of serious selection... bought a few garments... 

Feb 23

The day of SHIVRATRI.
Today i went to sai geetha ashram again. and this time.. there was a Yagnam there. and i participated in it...
And they gave two rudraksh... and im wearing one of it now...

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