Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Awesome day!!!!!!!!!!

Went to college today..
Today our lab looked like something else.. other than lab. They clubbed two batches. So.... it was like a BIG mess!!!

Things I've learnt today:
- Bike riding helps us look younger for a long time. Its associated with, concentration, skill, timing, calculations etc etc na.. So.. it'll stimulate some specific receptors, which will help us look younger.
- Tulsi is very very very important plant. It has got so many properties. Its just too good.

And one more thing a lecturer of ours was scolding us for making noise.. She is like. you are the "LOSSERS"... not losers. She's pronouncing it as Loss-ers!!! It was so funny. We just couldn't stop laughing after she went off.

And today evening. I went to repair the bike to the showroom in Gachibowli. They didn't have any stuff i require. I just ordered it. and gave my phone number. So that they can call me.

While coming back home... in a gas station. I just forgot to give the money to the person. It was just so funny. I went a little far and remembered and went back to him and gave the money... he was literally surprised.

But for tomorrow have loads and loads of work to do!! It'll be 2 or 3 when I'll sleep today :(:(

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