Monday, March 23, 2009

talked to a small slum girl for 30 minutes!

8.00am: woke up
9.00am: went to college.
10.00am: lab started
12.30pm: lab ended

>>>>Lunch break<<<<<

1.00pm: class started again. but we were not there in the class. We were collecting the money for a person who is very ill now and needs our help. today we collected around 10,000 rupees. Tomorrow i have to pay the bill in the hospital.
4.00pm: sticked all posters sbout that in college
5.00pm: returned home
7.00pm: met that person who is suffering from it
7.30pm: left from there
8.30pm: returned home
9.00pm: had dinner
11.14pm: writing this post.

today i spoke to a small cute slum girl, who came to be begging for money holding a photo of god. She's real cute. I talked to her for about 1/2 hour. her parents died... and i asked what will you do with the money. she said she'll donate to god. i said, don't do that... you have nice dinner and sleep well and i gave her 10rs. :) she was real sweet... i learnt a lot from her today.

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