Monday, March 9, 2009


March 6th

Today i roamed full hyderabad on bike for the collection of the videos for our theme.
First we went to Hitech city, from there to banjara hills, to ameerpet (central), then to necklace road, then went to eat-street and had lunch, then went to hussain sagar lake, then went to birla mandir, planetorium, assembly and all that. and had some coffee at a place, and returned back home.
then started editing. Completed editing and made a CD of it for the submission.

March 7th

Today i submitted the video to the college. Principal and lecturers watched it. There were two other videos, but they liked this one and awarded this one, the best. Thank you, god.

This is the final version of the video. But the audio has been disabled by youtube... anyway. Watch it. and comment on it.

March 8th.

Today, i got up at 8 in the morning.
Went to the temple. Listened to a discourse of the Sai kumar baba. was real touchy.
and returned back home. had lunch. slept and woke up in the evening.

March 9th (The annual day)

This annual day i didn't like it at all. It was like a auditions for a dance competition. so many dances... it was like a mess actually. not so good. not up to my expectations.
it started at 5.30 pm and ended at 11.30 pm.
R.P. Patnayak was the chief guest. and DJ Sweth was on board too. But still didn't have the feel it's supposed to have.
Too bad. We have been told that our documentary would be played on the screen, and we will be awarded a prize. Neither of happened. Very angry on the principal. I'll talk to him about this.

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